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  • High Efficiency, Reliable and Affordable

    Undisputed Competence

  • Suppliers of LED Lights for Cruise Liners & Ferries

    Exquisite LED Lights for high standard Naval Applications 

  • 15W / 35W CoB LED Down Light

    Dimming option available (1-10V/PWM/Resistor)

  • Get the benefit of direct replacement with the same light output

    LED Lamps for every room in your house !

  • LED Lighting - Customised Solutions

    Customised LED Solutions for Customer Success

Choose your base below to start shopping


(240V) Spot Light

B22 Bayonet LED

Bayonet - BC B22

Large Edison Screw

Edison Screw E27

Small Edison Screw

Small Edison Screw E14


Low Voltage MR16
(12V) Spot Light

AR111 Reflector LED

AR111 - G53
12V & 230Vac


G9 Mains Voltage
(240V) Capsule


12V AC & 12V DC


Double D/2D 4pin
Mains Voltage

CFL (PL G24)

LED PLG24 - 2in & 4pin Mains Voltage

CFL (PL-L 2G11)

2G11 4pin
Mains Voltage

T8 LED Tubes

T8 LED Tube - G13
Mains Voltage

T5 LED Tubes

T5 LED - G5 pin
Mains Voltage


Up to 80% energy savingsAt Voltacon (Ledison) LED Lighting, we pride ourselves in finding the most eco-friendly and economical LED lighting solutions for our clients. We approach our lighting projects with the diligence and care required to get the job done efficiently and effectively. To reflect this, all of our work comes with a five year warranty, while our rates are consistently amongst the most competitive in the industry.

  • Save energy and money without any compromises on light quality
  • Create the atmosphere that you desire
  • A pleasant and warm atmosphere in every part of your house
  • A creative, professional environment in your offices

Ledison LED lights and LED tubes can be used as more energy effiecient replacements for standard light bulbs or for the new compact fluorescent types as well as for flourescent tubes with T5 or T8 fittings.

More reasons to buy LED Lights

  • 20 times longer life.

  • Low temperature operation.

  • Eco-friendly technology.

  • Energy efficient.

  • High durability, no fragile parts, sturdy structure.

Ledison products use the very latest LED technology for maximum light quality and reliability. Our products are tested to CE, TUV, UL, ROHS and FCC standards.

Ledison Lighting Quality 

In the end the most important factor when buying lamps is the light itself and its quality.
It should be natural and friendly, bright enough, and dimmable if possible.
Outstanding lighting quality is one of the most important properties of LEDISON LED lamps.

The colour rendering of our lamps approach that of an incandescent and allow colours to look very natural


Prices are inclusive of 20% VAT

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