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  • Led Lighting - Industrial

    LED Lighting - Industrial

    Highly demanding industrial lighting
    Operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
    Cost effective & reliable in extreme conditions

  • T45 Destroyer
  • 20000 tubes
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    LED Lighting - Industrial

    The most comprehensive range of LED Lights at affordable prices without comprise in quality.

  • Best selling T5 Tube

Check out our premium quality LED panels with Philips LED driver

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Save 30 with our 6 Pack Filament Bulbs special offer.

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6 Pack Spot Lights

Check out our Spot Lights value pack offer.

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Flood Light Duo

Don't miss our Flood Lights Value Pack.

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LED Tubes

Explore our flagship products, the range of T8 and T5 direct replacement tubes.

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LED Battens

A unique eye for high quality and genuine craftsmanship revolutionised the LED lighting industry.

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LED Panels

A stylish, modern and very economical LED panel with mounting accesories

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Flood Lights

The all weather LED flood lights are made with phase change cooling and IP66 aluminium housing. The unparalleled quality is backed by 5 year warranty

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Ledison is the lighting division of VOLTACON Power Conversion group with over 15 years experience in LED lighting and renewable energy business.

We manufacture our own range of LED tubes, LED panels, industrial led fittings and flood lights which are made with the best electronic components and the latest LED chips with over 120lm/watt efficiency. The LED drivers are sourced from the most reliable makers in the world such as CREE, Philips and CITIZEN. Our products have received 5 internationally recognized certificates:TUV, CE-EMC, VDE, UL, ROHS.

We manage our own production line in ISO certified factory in China. We also produce LED fittings and customised lighting solution in our purpose built laboratory in Coventry (UK). 

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GU10 240V Spot Light
BC Bayonet - BC B22
ES Edison Screw E27
SES Small Edison Screw E14
GU5.3 Low Voltage MR 16 (12V) Spot Light
AR111 - G53 12V 230Vac
G9 Mains Voltage (240V) Capsule
G4 12V AC 12V DC
2D Double D/2D 4pin Mains Voltage
PL G24 LED PLG24 - 2pin 4pin Mains Voltage
PL-L G211 4pin Mains Voltage
T8 LED Tube - G13 Mains Voltage
T5 LED - G5 pin Mains voltage
LED Fittings Complete Fittings Commercial and Industrial

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