LED Desk Lamps

LED Desk Lamp from OttLite.

Flexible and fun, these colorful and stylish LED desk lamps are designed to light the area in which you work the hardest. Available with a USB charger, these OttLite desk or task lamps offer a pleasant touch of natural day light whenever you need it.

Ideal for artists, embroiderers, or anyone working with color, this little task lamp will give you a true sense of how the colors will be seen in the sunlight. For those individuals who crave a little bit of sunlight in their indoor lives, this light is perfect for you too. Five brightness settings allow you to customize your light to your needs.

A modern stylish LED desk lamp with USB charger. The OttLite task lamp will add a pleasant touch of natural day light wherever you need it.

LED Desk Lamp      Stylish LED 1      Natural Day Light 1

Light up what you love to do and...enjoy it !