LED Drivers 1-10V

Dimmable LED Driver 1-10V Technology.

This is the simplest form of dimming that works only with an analogue signal from 1V to 10V. The performance is linear, every 1 volt corresponds to 10% increase in brightness. The LED Driver is connected to a dimmer-swtich with a pair of control cables. When the dimmer is turned fully clock-wise a 10V signal is transmitted back the Led light driver and the brigness level reaches 100% 

There is no special programming or expensive controllers involved, up to 40 LED light fittings can be controlled from a single switch. Our high quality dimmable-drivers provide smooth, flicker-free dimming from 0% to 100% . 

Cable Requirement.

This method requires a 4-core cable. The mains voltage (Live & Neutral) is connected to the LED driver, another pair of cables feeds the 1-10V signal. 

Compatible Dimmer Switches

A reliable dimmer switch from OSRAM is available on our website (find out more here)

LED Drivers with 1-10V Dimming Fuction