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Ceiling Lights > Slimline Linear LED Fitting

LED Slimline Linear Fitting.


LED Batten Fittings - Dedicated Strip Type


The dynamics of indoor lighting are being redefined by the versatile characteristics of the Slimline LED Batten. A once-limited feature of spatial ambiance, lighting is now as pliable as the textures in a painter's palette with fixtures that are mountable from various surfaces, linkable in sequence, digitally controllable and dimmable to any degree of luminescence in pre-selected temperature hues.

Convenience is one of the hallmarks of a successful indoor lighting scheme, which makes the Slimline LED Batten's adaptability ideal. These fixtures can be mounted from various ceiling surfaces including concrete, wood and plasterboard.


The low-profile dimensions (50mm height X 55mm width) and various lengths allow you to orchestrate lighting sequences from non-intrusive units sized at 60cm 120cm 150cm and 180cm. The fixtures are linkable so that one control prompt can affect an entire stretch of LEDs.

Dimmable fixtures are pre-fitted upon request with your preference of control technology. AC Triac is an option for those who prefer circuitry-based operation, and for network-based systems, DALI (Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface) is also available. The Slimline LED Battens can be adjusted in brightness from 100% all the way down to 0% and every distinction in between without the annoyance of flickering fixtures.

Depending on the setting, various colour temperatures are available to fit the application of any indoor space. Domestic and hospitality-based settings such as homes, pubs and restaurants are best suited for the Warm White distinction. The Natural White hue is an ideal choice for the clarity required in office spaces and educational settings such as classrooms and lecture halls. Meanwhile, the Cool White temperature is perfect for industrial and commercial applications.

The energy-saving qualities of LEDs are well known. With the arrival of the Slimline LED Batten, the next era of lighting is here with features that can be fine tuned to perfectly illuminate any space to your exact preferences.

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Slim Line LED Batten 2ft 10Watt

Slim Line LED Batten 2ft 10Watt


Price inc VAT
From as low as 24.66

LED Light Fitting 60cm 10Watt Linkable. Suface Mounted & Suspended.1250lumen. Replacement for 2ft fluorescent T8 battens

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Slim Line LED Batten 4ft 18Watt

Slim Line LED Batten 4ft 18Watt


Price inc VAT
From as low as 28.98

LED Light Fitting 120cm 18Watt Linkable. Suface Mounted & Suspended. 2250lumen. Replacement for 4ft fluorescent T8 battens

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Slim Line LED Batten 5ft 30Watt

Slim Line LED Batten 5ft 30Watt


Price inc VAT
From as low as 33.30

LED Light Fitting 150cm 30Watt Linkable. Suface Mounted & Suspended. 3400lumen. Replacement for 5ft fluorescent T8 battens

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Slim Line LED Batten 6ft 32Watt

Slim Line LED Batten 6ft 32Watt


Price inc VAT
From as low as 51.34

LED Light Fitting 180cm 35Watt Linkable. Suface Mounted & Suspended. 4375lumen. Replacement for 6ft fluorescent T8 battens

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