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Commercial range of LED Lights

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LED Lamps in hotel. Bedroom LED lights

Finally a really good light !

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Solar off grid inverter energy storage

Solar Panels. Inverter. Energy Storage

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The most versatile LED Light in the world-T8 Tubes

The best selling LED Light in the world.T8 & T5 LE

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LED Lights installed on mega yacht

The journey of LED Lights

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Leonardo Intelligent LED Panel

Smart LED Panels: elegant, high-tech and efficient

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Latest Blog Entries


Solar LED - A Nice Source Of Lighting For Your Garden


Solar powered LED wall lights with lithium batteries. Zero running cost, easy to install.

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led g9 230V

Minimize Your Energy Bills With LED G9 Lights


A simple swap to LED bulbs helps you save up to 70% in electricity

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Tucano LED Solar

LED Solar Wall Light - Tucano 2Watt with Lithium Battery


Tucano Solar Power LED Wall Light 1Watt with PIR Sensor

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led light bulbs, spots, candles, bayonet, gu10, g4

LEDs have a win over the Traditional lights


Brighter, Durable, Energy Efficient - The LEDISON LED Lights the light of the new generation

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LED Strip

Adding connectors to LED Strip lights


Step by step guide how to inter connect 12V / 24V Strips

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Flat down lights, with dimming option



LED round panels, recessed & surface mounted, water proof, dimmable.

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Lighting the path for better business

Importance of good quality lighting in Autumn


In autumn, natural daylight hours start to reduce and this puts an additional use on lighting system

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