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Commercial range of LED Lights

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LED Lamps in hotel. Bedroom LED lights

Finally a really good light !

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Solar off grid inverter energy storage

Solar Panels. Inverter. Energy Storage

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The most versatile LED Light in the world-T8 Tubes

The best selling LED Light in the world.T8 & T5 LE

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LED Lights installed on mega yacht

The journey of LED Lights

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Latest Blog Entries

Inteli-Light T8 LED Tube with motion sensor

Smart LED T8 Tubes with Integrated Motion Sensor


We added a microwave sensor in a T8 tube light with adjustable setting.

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LED Lights are at least 80% efficient

LED Lights - How Are They Better Than The Traditional Lamps?


80% of Electricity is converted to direct light

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Recessed LED panel 18W

LED Round Panel 18W from Concept to Completion


Smart LED Round Panels with sensor, dimming and emergency power.

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LED Dimmer switches - VARILIGHT V=PRO

One Dimmer Switch For All LED Lights


Lead and Trailing Edge Varilight Dimmer Switches

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The Leading Brand for Industrial LED Lights


Energy efficient LED lights customised to your requirements

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LEDON Vs Lumilife GU10 LED Spot

Do not buy cheap LED Spot Lights from LEDHUT


The truth about low cost LEDHUT Spot GU10

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Microwave Sensors

Microwave Sensors. The Ultimate Buyers Guide


Microwave Sensors. Control any LED array with precision.

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