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A Well Established Lighting Solution for Kitchen Cabinets.

led kitchen lights under cabinet and spots

DIY Installation of LED Under Cabinet Light Fittings.

DIY Installation of LED Kitchen Lights.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and it should be not be differently when it comes to lighting. In this blog , we present the experience of our London base customer who decorated his kitchen cupboard with Ledison LED lights.
Using inexpensive products he added a luxurious touch to his glass-front cuboards and more light under the cabinets. 
The 90cm T5 tube lights do improve the light on the kitchen benches they also creat a beatiful and ambient atmosphere 
In some cases it is preferred to keep the ceiling lights switch off because the light of the under-cabinet fitting is adequate and really assist any tasks in the kitchen. 
The Altair LED Down Light will complete the lighting project adding the features that only professional lighting designers can make.
With 3 colour temperatures in one fixture you wil never get bored with your lights. The built-in deep-switch will set the light colour to warm, natural or cool white. 
For safety reasons we ensured that the material are fire rated and compliant to British Standards. The power cable is couble insulated with live neutral and earth terminal to protect the users from any risk of electric shock. 

Installation Tips.

Altair Down Light 8W - LED Spot
The down light (Altair) fits in any aperture (cut out hole) between 65mm and 68mm. Standard tools can be used to dril the hole on plasterboard, wood, MDF, plastic etc. No special tools required for the electrical connection, we found the 3-way terminal block with springs very useful. 

T5 Under Cabinet

This is defintely 2 min job from start to end. The mounting brackets with screws, plugs and power cable are included in the box. The mains switch is mounted on the housing of the light fitting. Automation may also be added to this project, a microwave sensor (occupancy) will switch on and off the light automarically when movement is detected. 




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