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Affordable LED Filament Bulbs 25,000 Hours Life Span

led filament lamps in living room

Pharox LED Filament Lamps. The Buyer's Guide

 Light is relaxing, Light is joy.  We should choose LED bulbs that save us energy but more importantly they are friendly to our eyes. Ledison Lighting focuses on quality light output that creates warm and comfortable atmosphere in any room of the house. 

The warm white 2700K colour temperature is right choice for accent, task or general light in our rooms. Ophthalmologists and Opticians could not have agreed more that warm white should be the only form of artificial lights. 

We selected warm white and flame (2200K) lamps that are affordable and energy efficient. 

Also, it is good to know that many filament lamps looks the same but our brand Pharox (from the greek word Pharos, that means light-house) have two special feaures. 

  • Using standard dimmers the bulbs can be dimmed smoothly down to 10%
  • The colour rendering index is nearly 90. We took a picture of a fruit platter under high and low CRI. 


 How It's Made

Our exploded drawing illustrated how we manufacture the LED bulbs. 


Pharox 600 with Reflector


Pharox LED Candle 4W Dimmable - Classic Design


 LED Mini Golf/Globe Lamp E14 Base

 LED Filament 4Watt Dimmable 400 Lumens

 Ultra Warm White - The colour of the Flame

 Our Best Selling Bulb 6Watt 2700K

 Super Bright Filament 8Watt with Edison Large Screw E27

 Our First LED Filament Lamp. Classic 4Watt


Where To Buy

1. Ledison Led Lights Online Store

2. Ebay LED-IS-ON Online Store

3. Voltacon Solar Online Store



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