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Do not buy cheap LED Spot Lights from LEDHUT

LED GU10 LEDON 6Watt Dimmable

A Simple comparison between LEDHUT and LEDON Spot Lights

In this brief comparison we will help the consumers to understand how they have to buy LED Spot lights without even testing them. It does not take much time to separate a quality product from a low cost low quality counterpart. It does matter if it is a furniture, a pair of jeans , a computer or an LED Bulb. We are pretty sure that consumers in our days are very well informed and perceptive about products. 

We compare two LED GU10 spot lights from  different brands:

LEDON GU10 Spotlight 220-230VAC. Direct Replacement

The quality speaks for itself, it is a clear winner starting from product box. The consumer will find all the necessary information such as, colour temperature, power rating, energy consumption (kWh per 1000 hours), beam intensity, life span country of origin. The energy ratings (A+, A++ is also illustrated on the box according to the European regulations. 

According to the EU regulation 1194/2012, 50w halogen requires a minimum 5watt LED, we found detailed information on LEDON packacking but nothing on LUMILIFE box. 



/media/blog/library/orange-led-tick.pngSolid aluminium heatisnk

/media/blog/library/orange-led-tick.pngMicroprismatic lens for even light distribution

/media/blog/library/orange-led-tick.pngEven light spread 

/media/blog/library/orange-led-tick.pngLED Driver with temperature control

/media/blog/library/orange-led-tick.pngCertified product 

/media/blog/library/orange-led-tick.pngSealed housing without moving parts

LEDHUT - Lumilife GU10 Spot Light

Most of the low cost, low quality LED lights  will never mention the Luminous intensity (measured in candela) this is the point where the lumen output has no sense. The lumen output is actually useless without knowing the lux level and beam intensity of a led spot light. 

The buyers may think that two spot lights from different makes with 6w consumption and 400lumen outut will be the same thing. We must know the intensity of light, how strong the light beam is at a specific angle ?  This crucial information can not be found in most LED bulbs and spot lights that are available from DIY stores and low cost on-line shops. 

 Low cost spot lights - Features

  • Abscence of heatsink
  • Screws and moving parts
  • Not sealed
  • Basic magnify glass as a lens
  • Basic CE marking only



Weight comparison

A picture is worth a thousand words

/media/blog/library/led-spot-light-gu10-weight.jpg                /media/blog/library/ledon-6w-dimmable-spot-weight.jpg





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