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Importance of good quality lighting in Autumn

Autumn Lights. Quality Lighting

Importance of good quality lighting in Autumn

Beating the Winter Blues, One Bulb at a Time

It's a simple solution to a natural design problem as well as a business design problem. 


By design, a change in season means shorter daylight hours and a greater need for high-quality, adaptive light bulbs in order to offset the lack of sunlight. Good lighting can provide utility to a commercial space, decorate personal interiors, alleviate optical strain and even entirely change your mood.

From custom controls on the Ledison Light LED bulbs to IoT-enabled lighting, we look at a range of options to make artificial lighting the natural solution for those darker months. 

The SAD Truth

Living in an area with waning daylight hours in autumn and winter? You're more likely to experience climate-related depression known as 'Seasonal Affective Disorder'.

Studies have proven that, as we perceive warm, white colours, it has a direct calming impact on our mood and a long-term improvement on our eyesight.  

Ledison's LED bulbs provide a respite from dark, cold winter months, offering exceptional colour rendering index over 90 (100 for sunlight), with a colour temperature between 2800K and 4000K

Designed to be on the cutting edge of science, the Ledison's LED bulbs formulated according to our year-long tests prove that quality artificial light can help our users thrive. 

Lighting the Path to Better Business

The business of better lighting just makes better business sense. Our range of LED bulbs and spotlights are compatible with most conventional dimmer switches and are built to help businesses customise their lighting needs.

Businesses operating within the hospitality industry must prioritise ambience, mood and functionality above all. Hotels, restaurants, salons and dining rooms all call for 2700K warm white lights. Even hospitals can benefit from warmer, more natural lighting, transforming that otherwise 'sterile' and 'cold' environment.

Meanwhile, large commercial spaces like open-concept offices and co-working spaces or study areas like libraries and artist workshops, where detailed tasks take place, thrive with a natural day light colour of 4000K. 



Industrial settings, in particular, will benefit from Ledison's latest development, the Leonardo LED panel lights. The panel's IoT-enabled smart technology responds to its environment, adjusting its levels based on light from windows. It hangs well on recessed ceilings and can be easily suspended with its special mounting kit, keeping these high-traffic, work-heavy environments running smoothly.

In the hands of Ledison lighting, the path to better business is alight with savings — our LED bulbs are energy-efficient, giving users a granular dimming function from as low as 5% to the full 100% of power. 

Use this feature to set the mood, beat the winter blues and enjoy just the right amount of illumination at a fraction of the cost, allowing your life to run smarter, leaner and lighter. 




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