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Inside the 8W LED Fire Rated Down Light

Altair LED Down Light 8watt

Altair Fire Rated with 3 Color Temperatures - BS476-21 Approved

LED Downlight Recessed Ceiling Spot Lights

Most of the GU10 led down lights are made with the standard old-fashioned casing. They are still fire-rated and compliant with the building regulation but the consumers do not experience the quality and versatility of LED technology. We end up buying an expensive light that simply switches on and off. 

 A small piece of engineering masterpiece 

The Altair (brightest star in the constellation of Aquila) become also our brightest LED down light made from fire retardant materials. It is loaded with many features in just with 85mm outer diameter and 85mm height the engineers have encapsulated all the features for a unique experience with LED Lighting technology.

  • 3 - correlated color temperature (CCT) with tri-colour LED Chip built in
  • Selectable colour temperature with remote control
  • It is easilty controlled with ordinary dimmer switches
  • It is powered directly from any voltage between 100-240VAC.
  • The ring/bezel is interchangeable, you can match the right colour that make the best contrast with the ceiling. 

You can buy it now online for only £19,99 or only £18.30 for more than 24pcs. 

Easy installation without special tools

The top side is fitted with secure and insulated power block with spring terminals. There are 2 live, 2 neutral and 2 earth terminal to enable loop in loop out connection with multiple down lights from a single power feed.

Incoming power cable and cover with fixing holes

 Isolated led power supply

The LED driver and the metalic casing are earthed to comply with safety standards.


Altair - A beautiful, compact, versatile LED downlight - 8Watt

 Three colour temperatures with Chip On Board Technology.

You can change the light colour without changing the entire fitting. With a simple button the atmosphere of the rooms is adjusted to your mood. 

The right replacement for halogen GU10 spot lights from 30-50Watt

LED 8W Spot Light, Dimmable, white ring, suitable for bathrooms

Just twist and remove the bezel

There is a range of four colours: white - polished chrome - brushed steel - gold

LED Down Light with replaceable bezel



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