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LED lights for kitchen designed exclusively by Voltacon

LED lights for kitchen

LED T5 tube fittings for kitcken.

An inexpensive way to transform your kitchen to a modern and stylish part of your home is to install led under cabinet lights. 

The LED T5 fittings can be used for ambient and accent lighting. Our cutting edge technology will brighten up your old or new kitchen. The lights should be installed properly under the cabinets in order to illuminate the workbench, table and water sink. The wide beam angle with a frosted fire-proof lens will diffuse the light our your kitchen. 

The ambient and task lighting can be achieved by using the right under cabinet LED lights.

Accent lights will be used to decor your kitchen. This type lights are usually LED Spot such as MR16 and GU10. We also have contemporary round bay lights what consume only 30w and come in a stylish aluminium case in three different colours.

Picture 1: Under cabinet led lights installed in kitchen.


Picture 2: Kitchen led lights. A customer is comparing warm white (left) with natural white (right)

Task lighting

This type of lighting is essential for the counters, stoves and central island because this is where you prepare your food.

Pendant lighting

For central lighting in your kitchen the best solution is hang a pendand light or our linear LED batten

For kitchen counters our LED tubes can be used that remain hidden behind or above the cabinets.

The best track and recessed lights

This is another straight forward, classical solution, most of the kitchens have some MR16 LED bulbs and spot lights. 

We can also offer you smart solution to control your lights using our dimmable LED spotlights and T8/T5 tubes. You can really turn your kitchen into a cosy and welcoming place. 

Do not forget that you will be saving anything between 70-80% in your electricity bill using our ultra efficient LED light bulbs. 



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