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LED Round Panel 18W from Concept to Completion

8 inches LED Light panel

Intelligent LED Round Panels 18W with smart features.

Emergency back up with microwave sensor and dimming function.

This post reveals exclusive pictures from the development of an advanced recessed round panel with added features. Voltacon fined tuned 5 different electronic components that work flawlessly together. The Omikron led light is manufactured in 4'', 6'', 8'' and 10'' inches to cover a wide range of accent lighting applications in corridors, living rooms, public and residential areas. The 8watt version is perfect solution for side-lighting and decorative purposes while the 25W 10inches panel can be installed in long aisles, offices, hotels, bathrooms etc. 

Voltacon's challenge was to supply a customised solution for a chain of care homes in the UK. The main ceiling lights in the corridors were uncontrolled (most of the days permanently switched on). The customer requested an intelligent retrofit light that would perform a number of function remotely without additional control cables. 

Functions of the Omikro LED round panel

  1. Remote emergency pack in galvanised enclosure with NI-CD Battery
  2. Microwave sensor to detect movement in 6meters radius
  3. Dimmable light with 3-step corridor function




Picture 1. Prototype testing. We established communication and compatibility between the devices.





Picture 2:






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