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LED Strip Lights with 5 in 1 Colour Temperature Control

led strip light 5 in 1 CCT and RGB

Diamanti - Premium LED Strip Lights - RGW - Warm - Cool White

The first 5 in 1 LED Tape with remote control and Wi-Fi Wireless Connection

Innovation in Mood Light Control

The true meaning of mood lighting is now applied with our LED Strip 5 in 1 . Using a fully automated printed circuit board machine , we use SMD5050 multi die-layer chips. The revolutionary design has integrated into one tape Red, Green, Blue (RGB), Warm White and Cool White. 

By using the Mi-Light controller the RGB colours can be mixed to create the full light spectrum of frequencies. 









Using 24V power supply, the total voltage-drop is negligible. As a result there is not visible difference across the light output.



Adopt the most popular LED type--the classic 5050&3528 LED and the best-selling type of 2835 LED, classic width in PCB: 8mm&10mm, classic LED quantities in one meter: 60leds&120leds.



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