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Led T5 tubes that make a difference

LED Tubes in John Lewis car park

John Lewis Car Park is lit by Voltacon's LED Tubes

The Philips non corrosive fittings were rewired for single ended T5 led tubes. The alteration process took less than 2 minutes per lighting fixture. 

We measured an average increase of 10% in lux levels. The energy consumption of the tube is 20Watt compared to 49Watt of the fluorescent. The LED tube emits directional light at 120 deg beam angle. That means 100% of the light will reach the floor of the car park. The fluorescent lamps wast a substantial amount of lumens inside the fitting. 


Picture 1 . LED T5 tube fitted in Philips Non Corrosive Luminaire


Picture 2. Left photo with new LED tubes. Right photo with old fluorescent tubes.

With a quick glance both pictures look quite bright, the truth is the the fluorescent tubes were bright enough for the car park. The LED T5 is a clear winner because it emitts 10% extra light (which is not visible but measurable with a lux meter) but consumes only 20watt not 49watt. We also measured an extra 4watt of parasitic power that is wasted in the old electronic ballast. The actual energy consumption per fitting was 49W+4W = 53W

The VOLTALED T5 tube has a unique structure that allows a slim LED driver to be fitted inside the aluminium tube. The cutaway of the product is presented below.


Picture 3. The structure of the premium quality VOLTALED T5 tube



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