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LED T8 Tubes Comparison: Ledison Vs V-Tac Vs NVC

Drivers & Power Supplies T8 Ledison Vs VTAC NVC

Comparison of T8 LED Tubes - Ledison Vs V-TAC and NVC

There is escalating presence of low cost LED lights in the market with very competitive price, the consumers are enticed to try them because they are often misled by the specifications on the box. Our LED experts tested 2 low cost tubes from V-TAC and NVC Lighting and compared the results with the premium range of T8 Ledison/Voltacon, the No 1 best selling tubes in the UK. 

Looking inside the "plastic" tube

The most interesting discovery was that the LED chips (SMD2835) are soldered on a plastic PCB (printed circuit board) without any cooling media. The temperature on the chips rises rapidly within 2 minutes after switching on the light. The manufacturer use the exotic term "nanoplastic" , this material has equivocal acceptance in the market, it is not considered safe for the enviroment and human. Recycling nano-plastic is not as easy as recycling normal plastics. The Voltacon tube is made of aluminimum (easy to be recycled) and fire-proof plastic lens. 




LED Tube Maker          NVC & V-TAC       Ledison / Voltacon
Life Span    25,000- 30,000 hours            50,000 hours
Housing Material                 Plastic             Aluminimum 
Power Supply       Low cost led driver  Certified TUV led driver
Power Factor                 0.55                 0.95
Lumen output             90lm/watt          120lm/watt
Beam Angle          160 degrees           120 degreees
Warranty              3 & 5 Year                 5 Year
LED Chip Board               Plastic                Copper
LUX Meas @ 0.5meter             1200 Lux           1800 Lux @ 


Exploded diagram of the Ledison T8 Tube Light

One of the unique fetures of premium range led tubes is the cooling technology. The thermal vias (perforated aluminium printed circuit board) creates larger cooling surface that transfers the heat away from the LED chips. Keeping the electronics at low temperatures extends the life span of the tubes to over 50,000 hours.

Ledison uses rubycon electrolytic capacitors that matches the durability of the LED chips. Capacitors are one of the components that can fail in approximately 20-25,000 hours but our engineers pickes up the best and more reliable material from a renowned japanese maker.

The moment of truth. Comparison of Lux reading 0.5m above the ground







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