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Leonardo Intelligent LED Panel with Remote Control

Leonardo Intelligent LED Panel

In the digital age of smart devices, it’s not only our phones that are getting an upgrade. Meet the new Leonardo Intelligent LED Panel.

Our interior spaces are overdue for a ‘smart’ makeover too. That’s what the creators, designers and developers at the heart of Intelligent LED Panel Light - Leonardo - had in mind when we set to the task of creating a sleek lighting system designed to serve everyday people in the spaces they inhabit most.

The Leonardo LED Panel brings the traditional functions of ceiling light fixtures, bringing ambience and atmosphere to an interior space, while maintaining and even optimising energy efficiency. How does the Intelligent LED Panel Light - Leonardo bring all this about? We began by considering the needs of offices, airports, shopping centres, corridors, commercial and industrial areas. 


Our total overhaul included a final design that brings together the highest level of energy savings through smart and responsive features. These include smart dimming that responds to whether a room is occupied or empty and levels of daylight, infrared body sensors, built-in motion sensors, a remote control operation for an entire system of fixtures, and a 0-10V driver for safe transportation and easy connection.

The panel’s frame also allows you to monitor the status of each its five functions, to make sure all aspects are running up to scratch at all times and responding to an issue before it even arises. Installation of the Intelligent LED Panel Light - Leonardo is a breeze, thanks to the panel’s adaptability and an included special mounting kit.


Take your pick of 600 x 600 ceiling tiles, including concrete, wood and plasterboard. Together we’ve managed to revolutionise the future of lighting systems, integrating and upgrading them for a better experience of a space. Now is truly the time to say, “Let there be light!”


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