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More Reasons to Choose Ledison LED Flood Lights

LED Flood lights with CoB Technology

Top Reasons To Choose Flood Lights For Indoor And Outdoor Illumination

 Flood lights usually consist of an aluminum housing and a glass lens, and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Homeowners choose them as safety measures for their property because they can provide bright light to large areas. Flood lights can also light neighborhoods, illuminate public places such as streets, playgrounds and garages, but also warehouses and other large commercial areas. They have affordable prices, can work with different types of bulbs, are versatile, durable and easy to use, and that is why most people choose them.

Main advantages

 If you want to benefit from a large variety of lighting solutions, flood lights from Ledison are the way to go because they can be used as accent lights to emphasize certain decorations or paintings in a museum, can light building facades and landscapes, and can also provide general illumination. LED flood lights are the best solution for illuminating interior and exterior large areas while helping you save money, as they are more affordable than alternative flood light types. LED bulbs can’t be replaced but they last for so long that you won’t have to worry about getting new ones. They are also easy to maintain; you just have to check them from time to time and remove dirt off the ones placed outdoors.


Flood lights work with halogen, fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, but most people choose LEDs because they last much longer than any other type of bulbs, are energy-efficient, don’t break easy, provide very bright light (which means you won’t need too many bulbs to illuminate larger areas) and don’t generate heat so there is no risk for you to get injured. Moreover, LED bulbs are ideal for outdoor use due to the fact that they can work properly regardless of the weather outside.

LED Flood lights outdoor installation        Architectural LED Flood Lights

Different LED flood lights come with different features, but they are all designed to reduce wattage consumption and to last for a very long time. They come in different sizes to best match your needs; smaller flood lights are ideal for creating a bright spot light for outdoor applications such as illuminating parking lots, residential complexes and facades, while larger flood lights are more appropriate for illuminating a sport stadium or a general area. If you want to benefit from directional lighting, bullet flood lights with angle adjustment are what you need. You can also opt for universal packages with mounting options that match all outdoor lighting requirements. 

LED flood light mounting kit for ground installations

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