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Multiple Uses of LED Flood Lights. 15w, 50w, 100w and 150w

LED Flood Light Outdoor Lighting

Multiple Uses Of Flood Lights

Flood lights are very popular because they can provide large quantities of bright light without using many LED bulbs. They are high-intensity artificial lights which can be employed as security solutions, but have other uses as well.

Why choose flood lights?

LED flood lights are mainly used by homeowners and different industries; they are essential during sport events to illuminate play fields and large stadiums when there isn’t enough natural light. Moreover, flood lights allow all stadiums to schedule games during late evenings or nights. They can also be used in indoor areas during concerts or other events that require high quality lighting.

When it comes to commercial buildings, flood lights are ideal for illuminating building façades and for flag lighting. Parking spaces, railways, banks, warehouses, airports, bridges and other important constructions can also benefit from a safe and well lit area. When used for residential buildings, flood lights placed in the right locations allow you to spend more time relaxing in your swimming pool, on your porch or playing basketball. They also represent an efficient and affordable way of keeping intruders and wild animals away while letting you enjoy your outdoor area.

We have a flood light suitable for any application. If you want to illuminate your garden or the yard of a large warehouse, our led flood lights can meet your requirepments: 

/media/blog/library/led-flood-light-15w.jpg                     /media/blog/library/led-flood-light-50watt.jpg

LED Flood Light 15watt (the smallest and most energy efficient).      LED Flood Light 50watt

/media/blog/library/led-flood-light-100w.jpg    /media/blog/library/led-flood-light-150w.jpg

100W Led Flood Lights                                           150Watt Flood Lights (the largest Cob Flood Light)

Flood lights come in a large variety of styles and features, so choosing the right one should be based on what you are going to use them for, the location where you need to place the items, their features and the type of bulbs they use. When choosing the location for your flood lights, make sure not to point at a nearby home or blind anyone from the street. There are many types of bulbs available including halogen, incandescent, sodium vapor and solar powered bulbs, but the most popular types of flood lights use LED bulbs because they can last for a very long time.


Flood lights are versatile devices with many different uses and that is why it is important to know what you are going to use them for; if you are concerned about your home’s security, you can choose dusk to dawn lights which turn on at sunset and shut off at dawn. Lights with motion sensors are also used as a safety feature which prevents you from wasting power. Apart from keeping you safe and comfortable, flood lights should also complement your home’s décor, so make sure to choose the ones with the right type of finish. Most aesthetic finishes include aluminum housings covered in colored lacquer, stainless steel and copper.

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