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One Dimmer Switch For All LED Lights


A simple Selection Guide - VARILIGHT V-COM & V-PRO Series

LED Lights from Ledison are compatible with V-Pro and V-Com switches. We have tested extensively all our dimmable products including LED Tubes, panel lights, round downlights, bulbs and spot lights. The test report of VOLTACON granded approval for the VARILIGHT switches.

V-Com Series LED Dimmers V-Pro Series LED Dimmers
Great value LED dimmer for dimmable LED lighting requiring leading-edge (triac) dimming 
Professional LED dimming for dimmable LED lighting requiring trailing-edge or leading-edge dimming

Features and Benefits:-

Features and Benefits:-

Intelligent V-COM dimming Intelligent V-PRO dimming
Wide compatibility Widest compatibility - Works with most quality LED lights
Can be programmed with 3 dimming modes Can be programmed with 3 dimming modes
Default mode is leading edge Default mode is trailing edge (select mode 2 for leading-edge)
Minimum brightness adjustable Minimum brightness adjustable
Maximum brightness adjustable Maximum brightness adjustment adjustable
DRIVE feature to solve start-up issues with problem lamps at low brightness levels DRIVE feature to solve start-up issues with problem lamps at low brightness levels
Works with halogen Works with halogen
Suitable for electronic and toroidal transformers Suitable for electronic transformers
Available with ratings from zero to 600W (LED) Available with power from 0 to 300W (LED)
Control up to 60 lamps (with 600W model) Control up to 30 lamps (with 300W model)
  Silent and smooth operation
  Remote control dimmer available upon request
  Multi-way dimming with remote control dimmer master and dimming slaves

Choose V-Com Dimmers For:-

Choose V-Pro Dimmers For:-

  • Leading-edge dimmable loads
  • Large quantities of lamps
  • Dimmable Panels
  • Great value LED dimming
  • Trailing-edge dimmable loads
  • Widest compatibility on the market
  • Silent operation
  • Professional performance

Create the light scene that you desire with our Dimmable LED products. 

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