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Set the Mood with the GLACIAL LED Feature Light

LED Coloured Downlights

Set the Mood with the GLACIAL LED Feature Light

The GLACIAL LED Feature Light is ideal for homeowners or business owners in search of a light which they can use to create a special ambience. Want to create a stimulating environment? Hoping to make customers or guests feel warm or calm? Looking for a subtle glow? Or are you in a romantic mood? The GLACIAL LED Feature Light is the ideal solution for you. 

Use the Light as it is and enjoy warm and natural, or cool, ice-white light – perfect for hotels, restaurants, reception areas and dining rooms. The natural light is more suitable for commercial applications, perhaps where attention to detail is important or you want to replicate daylight. The aluminium outer ring and frosted reinforced glass prevents the light from being too sharp to ensure everyone’s comfort. 

Which Colour Will You Choose? 

Now, here’s the really clever bit. Insert one of the five rings that come with the Light into the reinforced frosted glass and enjoy a beautiful glow. Choose from bold cherry red, a golden yellow, gentle green, lustrous purple or lavender blue. Then, adjust the brightness using the 1-10V Ledison Lighting dimmer switch and create a dynamic, invigorating, or subtle, flicker-free light. 

Installing the GLACIAL LED Feature Light

The Light can be mounted directly on the ceiling using the special kit which is included with the Light – installation is easy and hassle-free. Alternatively, the Light can be suspended from the ceiling by a stylish metallic rope for a cool, contemporary effect. 

The power consumption of the GLACIAL Feature Light is only 35 watts and it comes with a five-year warranty. Click here to find out more or order your GLACIAL LED Feature Light. 






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