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Viston New LED Panels Recessed Lighting.

Viston LED Back Lit Panel 35watt

Viston. The new Back-Lit Recessed LED Panel from Voltacon

Using the best quality of LED panel lights will make a difference in your workplace. A world-class recessed panel with back lit structure delivers smooth lighting without wasting unnecessary

Quality and Savings from a unique Lighting Solution

The new range of Viston premium quality lighting solution consumes only 35 watts. Very low glare suitable for offices and workplaces, modern design and high lumen output with impressive quality.

Ordinary LED panels from competitors use at least 40 to 45 watts (if their label say the truth). You need at least 45W to make 3900-4000 lumens. We deliver the lumen output with better lighting effect. That will make a lot of energy savings in your annual electricity bill.

There are two aluminium LED Strips that are mounted directly onto the aluminium plate. The heat transfer is more efficient using this method, utilising actually the largest metalic surface of the panel. Similar counterparts panels from the rivals may have a nice smooth light surface but the LED chips are mounted on the edge frame, there is very small surface for heat dissipation. 

With louvres that are paired with optic lenses, you will have intense light with wide beam angle giving the best commercial and professional lighing system on the market.

Versatility Paired with Elegance

The blend of advanced technology and elegant design with neutral white frame fits in any workplace with impeccable decor. It can be used a recessed light or suspend it from any ceiling, a really versatile and power solution.

Our little secret ? Viston uses micro-louvres and  magnifying lenses on every LED chip, the patented design offers low glare , eye-friendly light that is also adjustable if you select the dimmable version.

The flicker-free solution will allow you to control the luminosity from 100 percent to no light.

There’s more.

A Safe, Healthy Workplace Through Advanced LED Lighting

Viston meet the standards for safety and health to give you easy installation, top of the range professional lighting solution for your workplace.

  • With a UGR factor less than 19 to reduce glare and eyestrain, hard-working employees will have a relaxing place you’ll love to come to every morning. 
  • With its insulated anodised aluminium housing and easy-to-use metallic suspension kit, you can install the new light in a snap.

Two Sizes

  • 595 x 595-millimetre size
  • 1195 x 295-millimetre size

The ultra low power version is ideal for ceiling with less than 2.5 height , a fabulous solution for ambient light for any part of your building or lighting a meeting rooms, cantines, offices..

Discover the elegant, high-tech new light from Viston. Order your building’s new lighting system


Picture 1: Mounting Accessories and Installation Options.

Picture 2: Viston Panel. 120 x 30 cm. 35 Watt.

 Picture 3: micro-louvres and powerful magnifying lenses on each LED chip

 Picture 4: Installation of Viston LED Panels in London.



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