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Voltaled LED Ceiling Fittings. Modern & Stylish Light


LED Ceiling Fittings - VOLTALED.

The Voltaled LED Ceiling Fittings are gorgeous pieces of engineering. They are very slim and suitable for all surfaces (wood, plasterboard, concrete and brick walls). Beside the cool look of these products I also love their reliability: the fitting is waterproof with IP54 certificate – so I can use it in any environment without worrying that it will ever fail… at least not in the first 50.000 hours of use, or as the warranty says, 5 years.

The customization options are also helpful. I can add an emergency pack or a microwave sensor… or both, which makes this product suitable for any situation that I might encounter.

Another awesome feature of the product is the three-in-one colour temperature that it offers. It’s the first time I saw such a feature and I must say I am impressed. I can change the look of the room with the click of a button.


One fitting with three colour temperatures

Did you get tired of seeing the same cool white light  every night? You can change to warm or natural white by using the slide switch on the fitting.

 Stylish, modern and slim LED Fitting suitable for wall and main ceiling lighting. The thickness of the fitting is only 40mm, the diameter of the 25w and 30w version is 300mm wide. The smallest and most energy efficient version (18w) is 250mm. 


Inside the VOLTALED LED Ceiling Light


Find out more and buy directly from Ledison Lighting , the LED Division of Voltacon UK LTD


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