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LED Education


Solar LED - A Nice Source Of Lighting For Your Garden


Solar powered LED wall lights with lithium batteries. Zero running cost, easy to install.

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Tucano LED Solar

LED Solar Wall Light - Tucano 2Watt with Lithium Battery


Tucano Solar Power LED Wall Light 1Watt with PIR Sensor

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Ledison T8 tube Vs VTAC and NVC

LED T8 Tubes Comparison: Ledison Vs V-Tac Vs NVC


T8 Tubes comparison

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LED Strip

Adding connectors to LED Strip lights


Step by step guide how to inter connect 12V / 24V Strips

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Lighting the path for better business

Importance of good quality lighting in Autumn


In autumn, natural daylight hours start to reduce and this puts an additional use on lighting system

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Modern Fire Rated LED GU10 Downlight

Inside the 8W LED Fire Rated Down Light


Dimmable - 3 Colour Temperatures - Modern Recessed Ceiling Spotlights

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Leonardo Intelligent LED Panel

Leonardo Intelligent LED Panel with Remote Control


The high-tech Smart LED Panel you were waiting for. Built to complete any interior space.

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lighting solutions by ledison

Minimize Your Energy Bills With LED Lights


Quality assured LED lights with 60,000 hours life expectancy

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LED STRIP RGB Warm White & Cool White 24V

LED Strip Lights with 5 in 1 Colour Temperature Control


DIAMANTI Mood Lights

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LED Lights IP20 to IP68

IP Rating for LED Strip Lights. Indoor, Outdoor & More...


A clear description how the ingress protection works for LED ribbons.

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LEDs Save Energy

Top Energy-Wasting Habits & Energy Saving Solutions


Simple Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient.

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Why LED Flood Lights Are Best Suited For Commercial Spaces?


From 15w to 150w LED Flood Lights with IP66 Rating

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Inteli-Light T8 LED Tube with motion sensor

Smart LED T8 Tubes with Integrated Motion Sensor


We added a microwave sensor in a T8 tube light with adjustable setting.

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LED Lights are at least 80% efficient

LED Lights - How Are They Better Than The Traditional Lamps?


80% of Electricity is converted to direct light

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LED Dimmer switches - VARILIGHT V=PRO

One Dimmer Switch For All LED Lights


Lead and Trailing Edge Varilight Dimmer Switches

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LEDON Vs Lumilife GU10 LED Spot

Do not buy cheap LED Spot Lights from LEDHUT


The truth about low cost LEDHUT Spot GU10

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Microwave Sensors

Microwave Sensors. The Ultimate Buyers Guide


Microwave Sensors. Control any LED array with precision.

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LED Panels comparison

How to select LED Round Panels / Downlighters


In this post we compare two LED Round Panels to find out more about their quality.

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Voltaled Ceiling LED Light

Voltaled LED Ceiling Fittings. Modern & Stylish Light


Ceiling & Wall Lights with LED board, suitable for home, office and corridors

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emergency lights installed by electrician

Emergency Lighting Explained. A simple selection guide


Maintained and Non Maintained Emergency LED Lights

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LED Flood lights with CoB Technology

More Reasons to Choose Ledison LED Flood Lights


Top reasons to buy the Ledison flood lights for indoor and outdoor use

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LED Bulb E27 screw fitting LEDON

Amazing Benefits of LED Lighting. 7 Unique Reasons


The top 7 advantages of LED Lights

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