LED High Bay Lamps

LED Lamps E27 & E40 for Low/High Bay Lights

Direct replacements for SON and High Pressure Sodium

The VOLTALED High/Low bay lamps have a patented design that allows light distribution in 360 degrees. A high efficiency LED driver is installed in the base of the lamp. The fitting is available in E27 and E40 screw Edison. The led lamp is suitable for direct connection to mains from 100VAC up to 260VAC. 

The 55W and 65W lamps are powerful replacements for 250W SON Lamps (high pressure sodium).

The 25W and 35W lamps are direct retrofits for high pressue sodium lamps up to 100W. 

A powerful LED lamp with smart cooling system

The LED chips from Lumenmax are SMD3014 technology. Even light distribution is achieved with 8 LED micro-tubes that mounted in a circular structure. There is a dedicated heatsink for every LED tube, the double air flow (from the side and on the top) keeps the temperature of LED chips and power supply at low temperature, as a result the life span of the lamp can reach and exceed the 35,000 hours.

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High Pressure Sodium (SON)                            Direct replacement LED High Bay Lamp

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