LED Linear Bay Lights

LED Linear Bay Light. Widest Light Coverage. 150 Lumens per Watt

Voltaled (the lighting division of Voltacon UK Limited) is the leading brand for industrial lights. Having installed the first LED tubes and high bay lights 8 years ago in the UK, we have the right know-how and engineering knowledge to make LED fitting even better. 

The linear LED bay lights are made of aluminium for quick and efficient heat transfer from the LED chips. The LED driver  is primarily sourced from Meanwell and Glacial Power,  the pioneers in power supplies. 

Using an LED board with high power SMD2835 (150lm/watt) and special lenses, the lux output is significantly increased without consuming extra power. The optics of the linear bay light contribute in spreading the light evenly and enhancing the lux level. 


Industrial and Commercial Lighting Solutions. Warch below the product presentation in Youtube.

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