LED Low/High Bay

Led bay light , Low/High Bay

The Ledison Cabana Bay lights are optimized for low- and high-bay environments, including manufacturing lighting, warehouse lighting and distribution-center lighting. 

The thermal solution is a key factor in the success of any LED-based luminaire design. Our high power LED Bay Light and Flood Lights use an extruded aluminum heat sink, that has a center-core copper heat pipe that enhances thermal conductivity by evaporation and condensation of liquid inside the heat pipe. 

The Cabana series uses LED modules from Philips Lumileds with system efficacy of 110lm/watt.

  • Increased optical control optimizes luminaire spacing and puts light where it is needed
  • Provides uniform lighting
  • Accurate color rendering for readability and safety
  • Instant on without compromising reliability
  • Ideal for dimming and occupancy-based controls

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