Energy Savings with LED

Energy Savings with LED

In this section we have tried to cover the various issues that are raised in connection with the use of energy efficient LED lighting products, including reliability and general usefulness for practical lighting purposes.

The following table show a case study of 100 LED Tubes. The old fashion and uneconomic fluorescent tubes are replaced by 22 Watt LEDISON LED tubes.

Examples of Efficient Light (Energy Savings with LED Tubes)

   Fluorescent Tube    LEDISON LED Tube
   Power consumption per tube    (58W+15W ballast)    22Watt
   Power Consumption – 100 tubes    7,300 Watt    2,200 Watt
   kWh consumption    31,974kWh    9,636kWh!!!
   Spend on Lights (£) per year    £4,796    £1,445
   Spend on Lights (€) per year    €5,755    €1,734
   Life Span    4 years    15-20 years


Your savings per year £3,351 or €4,021
* Based on 12 hours operation per day, 365 days, cost of electricity £0.15/kWh, €0.18/kWh