LED Roadway Lights - The Bright and Efficient Future of Roadway Lighting

LED Roadway Lights - The Bright and Efficient Future of Roadway Lighting

LED Roadway Lights – The Bright and Efficient Future of Roadway Lighting

LED roadway lights are not only energy efficient, but are also eco-friendly. Many industries leading and innovative LED lighting technologies have emerged these years that make it the best choice among other conventional lighting options.

Why LED Roadway Lighting is the most desirable choice ever?

Basically, LED parking lot lights is almost ten times efficient than radiant bulbs and can last really longer. So, it helps you to save considerably on replacement expenses and energy costs as well.

LED roadway and parking lot lights offer many innovative features that offer durability and amazing aesthetic appeal. The patented modular design enables power variation options and the stay-lit technologies can keep the lights on even if any one of the LED fails.

While using LED lighting technology for roadways, light pollution can be virtually eliminated since the LED’s light output is directional. This can be a highly efficient option as typically no light is wasted. This is not the case in conventional lighting where light is omni-directional from tubes and bulbs.

LED lights are not susceptible to burn out or sudden failure like other conventional light sources since there is no filaments to break or burn out. The light from the LED is emitted from the encapsulated silicon diodes that are immersed in phosphor. They can be energised from typically very low voltage point.

Moreover, the quality the ‘white’ LED light can be custom-made that can suit the human eye. It eliminates the eyestrain that may have adverse effects in living or working environments.

To conclude, you can get every type of innovative LED lighting solution in the market. Just explore the options and choose the best.


Hyperion LED street lights are made by Voltacon with power rating from 30W to 300W. The light fittings are mounted on poles, scare posts or directly on the wall.  A photocell that is integrated on the aluminium casing is optional and can be used for a completely automatic operation.