Smart LED T8 Tubes with Integrated Motion Sensor

Smart LED T8 Tubes with Integrated Motion Sensor

T8 LED Tube Light with Microwave Sensor. Up to 90% Energy Savings.

The new T8 Intelli-Light is one most energy efficient LED product in the market with quickest return on invertersment. We installed inside the aluminium tube a microwave-sensor switches the light on when movement in detected. There is no need for additional wires and mounting tools. The T8 LED Tube can be connected straight in an existing fluorescent fitting with G13 holder.

It offers greate flexibility to the installers because each tube has a separate sensor that can be fine-tuned according the requirements.

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1. When a moving object is detected the light will be swiched on to 100% brightness.

2. After a propagation time of 5sec, 30sec, 1min, 5min, 10min, 20min 30min or 60min the T8 LED tube will dim to 0%, 10%, 20%, 30% or 40%.


If the dim level is set to 0% the tube will be switched off after a pre-defined time delay that can be adjusted from 5sec to 1 hours.

Alternatively, the tube light can dim to 10%, 20%, 30% or 40% for infinite time until the next movement is detected. For example the T8 sensor tube at 22watt power is set to : 1min, 30% that means:

The tube will be fully, 22watt and 2500lumen output. After 1 min the tube light will be reduced to 750 lumenes (30%) and will stay on continuously. The light will consumer approximately 6.6Watt only.

Pic 1. The T8 LED tube (Inteli-Light) is also equipped with a photo-cell to maximise the energy savings. The tube will function only when there is not sufficient day light.

Pic 2. The brightness and delay time are adjustable from the two knobs


Pic 3. Inside the tube, we fitted a microwave sensor that works with Doppler Radar principle.

The product range is very comprehensive, the Inteli-Light is available in a standard T8 TUBE size identical to fluoscent lights. There are three colour temperatures, warm, natural and cool white.

The sizes are 60cm 10watt, 120cm 20watt, 150cm 24watt and 180cm 30watt.

This product is supported by 5 year no quibble warranty.

No need to take care of your lights, our Inteli-Light takes care of itself.