Supply and install of LED Street Lights and Bay Lights to MOT Station in Greece

Supply and install of LED Street Lights and Bay Lights to MOT Station in Greece


Voltacon recently supplied and installed through our partners in Greece, LED lights for a new MOT station. The project is located in Xanthi (North Greece). The workshop is equipped with the latest technology  for inspecting private cards and commercial vehicles. The main issue was the yellowish light of the old high pressure bay lights. 

The traditional sqaure bay lights were mounted on the surface of the metallic rafter. Despite the modern design and the newness of the test facility, the indoor and outdoor lights were consuming 400W per fitting. In total the station had a consuption of 4800Watt inside and 6,400Watt in parking area. 

The Ledison “shower bay light” with advanced optics and large high-power SMD chips, covered the entire area in the workshop with only 8 bay lights. 

Financial Benefits 

  • Lighting points reduced from 12 to 8
  • Energy reduced from 400W to 150W per point
  • Total consumption 1200Watt reduced from 4800Watt

Outdoor LED Street Lights

The situation outdoor was also improved by replacing the SON street light fittings with the Hyperion 150W led fixture. The IP65 rated aluminium housing and heatisink extend the life span to over 60,000 hours. The micro-optics with magnify effect spread the lights evenly in open space and eliminate any kind of shadows between lighting points. 

Energy savings 

  • The energy reduced from 4800Watt to 2400Watt, achieving 50% savings in electricity.

Products directly available online

The products available to be purchased online directly from our shop. We keep them in stock and ship worldwide within 1 working day

Product used in this project : 

150W Baylight Circular in 4000K natural white

120W Street Light Hyperion in 4000K natural white