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Istikbal, the Turkish Furniture Giant Installs LED panels

Voltacon LED Panel Lights are the Perfect Partner for Furniture Stores in London

Voltacon has proved that its LED lighting solutions are the perfect partner for furniture stores and showrooms eager to bring out the very best in their wares, after a recent supply and installation project in the capital. The project was carried out at the London showroom of renowned Turkish furniture manufacturer and retailer Istikbal, who came to Voltacon with a highly specific remit.

As well as reducing energy consumption across the premises, Voltacon also needed to maximise the presentation of the firm’s prestigious furniture products. Working with this brief, Voltacon set about creating the ideal solution for Istikbal’s situation.

The installation team began by removing the old fluorescent panels mounted on the ceiling of the showroom, replacing them with natural white LED panels aimed at accentuating the detail, textures and hues of Istikbal’s fine furniture and textile products. The installed LED panels are specifically designed to disperse light evenly, ensuring comprehensive illumination for the showroom and eliminating shadowing and dark spots.

Voltacon’s unique LED technology also provides a colour rendering index of 90, something which is unparalleled in the industry and creates the perfect setting for the display of Istikbal’s products. The fine craftsmanship, sublime detailing and stylish design of Istikbal’s furniture pieces are perfectly complemented by Voltacon’s LED panels.

As well as bringing out the absolute best in Istikbal’s designs, the LED installation job has also reduced running costs for the firm, and slashed its carbon footprint. The original LED panel fittings operated at 120watts per fitting, translating to major costs and a level of energy consumption which was seriously damaging to the environment.

Voltacon was able to reduce this energy consumption by an impressive two-thirds via the installation of 40w LED panels which do not compromise on quality, reliability and light levels. As with all Voltacon installation jobs, the project was designed to pay for itself, providing the client with a return on their investment within 12 months. The project at Istikbal’s showroom was also carried out in adherence to Voltacon’s own strict environmental commitments, and gave Istikbal an ecologically sound premises in which to do business.

If you would like to see Voltacon’s installed LED panels in action – and pick up one of Istikbal’s captivating furniture creations for yourself – you can visit the firm’s showroom at 125 Fore Street in London’s Upper Edmonton, N18 2XF. The Turkish-based designers, retailers and manufacturers have become renowned for their high quality indoor and outdoor furniture pieces, textiles, bedding and carpet products. 

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Istikbal LED panels edge lit 40w
Istikbal LED panels edge lit 40w
LED Panel lights in furniture store istikbal

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