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Merrion Hotel Dublin

Perfect Light Without Any Compromises

The only 5 Star Hotel in Dublin and the best rated on Tripadvisor is now lit by Ledison's round panels, PL G24 and Spot lamps. Ledison's LED lights contribute to spreading the beautifully warm white light  as well as the immense energy savings of around 80 percent. 

The rooms corridors and reception are highlighted with high-quality LED lamps from Ledison. The British brand in partnership with the local distributor T & E Howie have been the official lighting partner of Merrion Hotel in Dublin.

The very long lifetime of the new lights with 50,000 operating hours was another aspect that played a decisive role in the cooperation between Ledison (VOLTACON), T&E Howie and Merrion. "The light quality of the LED lamps really impressed us," explains Ger Mountaine, the Maintenance Manager in the Merrion Hotel. "So far, the owners have been highly satisfied with this change. It is above all the high colour rendering of the light sources used that has contributed to enhancing the guests' sense of comfort and well-being."

Very natural and cosy light is a decisive quality criterion for top-class hotels when switching to LEDs. In addition to boasting beautiful lighting scenes, the hotels benefit from the light sources' huge savings potential and also from aspects such as switching reliability, long service life and ruggedness of the LED lamps.

T & E Howie are pleased to be able to service our clients north and south of the border and happy to see our customers saving money on their energy bills and being granted 5 year non maintenance warranties on all the products sold, meaning extra savings for our clients not just in running power.

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Merrion 5 Star Hotel installs Ledison LED Lights
Merrion 5 Star Hotel installs Ledison LED Lights
Merrion 5 Star Hotel installs Ledison LED Lights
Merrion Master Bedroom

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G9 Mains Voltage (240V) Capsule
G4 12V AC 12V DC
2D Double D/2D 4pin Mains Voltage
PL G24 LED PLG24 - 2pin 4pin Mains Voltage
PL-L G211 4pin Mains Voltage
T8 LED Tube - G13 Mains Voltage
T5 LED - G5 pin Mains voltage
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