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Portman Square London - Car Park

About Voltacon's LED Lighting Solutions

Designed in the UK and manufactured under the strictest quality control procedures, our high quality Ledison LED lights have been widely adopted as both initial installations and as superior replacements for fluorescent and incandescent lighting. With our extensive experience and unique expertise, we are able to bring customised solutions to meet the requirements of specific applications. One such recent success has been the lighting solution provided to the luxury Portman Towers.

Portman Square London - Portman Towers

Located in the exclusive Portman Square, Portman Towers offers some of the most desirable flats in London. We were asked to provide a lighting solution for their car park that was not only befitting of such a building, but would provide maximum security for the luxury vehicles parked therein and superior light quality as well. Our solution was a complete vapour proof LED fitting with emergency battery pack-up and Ledison/Voltacon T8 tubes controlled by high tech microwave sensor.

The solution

Initially, the Portman Towers car park was lit by conventional T8 fluorescent tubes. These remained on 24/7, consuming large amounts of energy. They also provided the dull, unfocused light characteristic of fluorescent tubes. In contrast, the LED tubes now provide direct, high quality light. Whereas each fluorescent fitting consumed 125W, the LED replacements consume a paltry 44W. At the same time, these long lasting and reliable LED tubes are more full featured - they are non corrosive and contain built in emergency battery packs. Though the improvement in energy consumption and light quality was already considerable, we realised adding a microwave sensor feature would truly make this the perfect installation for Portman Towers’ needs.

The results

The microwave sensors detect incoming and outgoing vehicles as well as residents. On detection, the LED lights are turned on to 100% luminosity. Now, while having lights on continuously is incredibly wasteful, having the car park in complete darkness even when no one is there would not be ideal. Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED tubes can be dimmed - a feature we took full advantage of. Five minutes after the vehicle or resident has left, the lights are dimmed to 20% luminosity. This deters criminals and troublemakers - and has proven to achieve an astounding figure of 90% savings over the previous lighting setup. The residents have been unanimous in their overwhelming approval, with many even commenting that the car park looks as though it has been refurbished.


To find out more, visit our website - Contact at us at +44 (0)2477 675 575 or using our online form to discover how we can provide you with the perfect custom lighting solution that will improve the quality of your lighting and save you money.

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Portman Towers London - LED Lighting in Car Park
Portman Towers London - LED Lighting in Car Park
Led non corrosive fitting in car park

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