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eKomi rated

LED LINEAR LIGHT 75Watt. Linked Lighting

Ref: LDN-LG15075-S


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Linear LED Fitting. 1414mm. Suspended or Surface Mounted. Expandable up to 100 meters

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ATTICA LED Linear Fitting 150cm - Surface Mount or Suspended - 75watt


Link up any space and flood it with light, thanks to the customisable, high lumen output of the Attica LED Linear Trunking System. 

This innovative track light can be linked to cover small offices or long aisles in warehouses, grocery stores and more, up to several 100 metres in length. 

With its cross-shape and L-shaped connectors, the unique linear trunking system helps you design any configuration. Link multiple tracks and expand your lighting configurations according to the dimensions of your room. 

This flexibility, along with its powerful self-contained batter and two independent lighting circuits within the trunking, makes the Attica LED Linear Trunking System the preferred solution in an emergency situation. 

Connected or apart, each Attica LED unit relies on the normal mains of a building and can automatically switch to an emergency supply in case of power failures. Use this smart feature to build a robust emergency procedure, ensuring safe evacuations. 

The Attica LED Linear Trunking system also has a built-in dimming feature, with three specific settings and a switch. Its intelligent multi-sensor feature detects changes in light as well as movement, based on an integrated microwave sensor as well as a daylight sensor. 

All-in-one or stand-alone, the Attica LED Linear Trunking system is a cost-effective and flexible solution for any industry or commercial application. 

Get started and finished on your custom installation in minutes, designing a lighting system that works for your needs.


  • Patented aluminium structure with heatsink
  • Internal LED Driver Xitanium made by Philips
  • Unlimited number of luminaires in series
  • Surface mounting or suspended
  • It can be fitted with emergency pack and NI-CD battery
  • The linear led fitting is ultra dimmable with most 1-10V and DALI dimming systems.


Other Technical Specifications and Accessories 

The liner LED light fixture can be assembled with special control features such as 1-10V or DALI dimming. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Voltacon offers customised solutions for customer success.



Mechanical Dimensions


Voltacon Led Linear Lighting System - new installation

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