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eKomi rated

LED Panel 40W Three Colour Temperatures. 595x595mm.

Ref: VL-PLW406060-BC


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LED Panel Recessed Light. Tri-Colour Temperature. Triac Dimmable

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LED PANEL WITH tri-colour. 40Watt.  Ultra thin 11mm

Voltacon continuous to deliver innovative products to their clients. We have developed a smart technology that changes the light of the panel with a simple switch. The switch is mounted on the back site of the frame. There are now three colours in one panels, 3000K (warm white), 4000K (natural white) and 5500K (cool white). 

Using the highest quality of electronics components the life expectancy of the our products can reach 50,000hours. We selected Philips LED driver to power the full range of our LED panels including the standard and dimmable version. The power supply is the heart of the LED panels which can function properly and delivery the right light if the LED driver matches the voltage and current of the LED chips. 

The same LED PANEL frame is equipped with a 2-way switch. You can select between 3000K, 4000K and 5500K. 

Product Features At a Glance

  • 60% Energy savings
  • Stays Brighter Much Longer
  • Lumen Maintenance LM80
  • No Flicker No UV Emissions
  • Maintenance Free
  • Versatile product with 3 different mounting options

Voltaled panels use Tpa flammability rated diffusers , that is fire resistant material that meets the building regulation and British Standards for Emergency lighting. The Tpa diffuser will not drip plastic below in the event of a fire.

Mounting and Installation options

As  truly versatile product the LED panel comes with three mounting options: Surface mounted, aluminium brackets and suspension cord


Ledison LED Ceiling Lighting Panels are particularly suitable for installation or retrofitting in offices, schools and public buildings.

UGR (unified glare rating). Why it is important. 

Have you ever tried to look straight into a light source (lamp, tubes, panel) ? The emitted light is quite uncomfortable for your eyes so you have an instinctive desire to look away. We invested in research to develop LED lights that do not cause any discomfort to our eyes. We adopted special anti-glare diffusers and lenses that dropped the UGR levels well below 19. The UGR report and photometric data can be downloaded here


Voltacon's mission is to make natural and comfortable lights for the human eyes. LED lights should reproduce colours as they should be. Our lighting solutions achieve the higest score in colour rendering.




LED Panel

Luminous flux:


Wattage (rated):

40 Watt

Color Rendering index:




Typical efficiency:


Line frequency:


Beam Angle:


Average lifetime:

50,000 hours

Net Weight per piece


Color Temperature:





Adjust with switch



Natural white:




Cool white:



5 years

Warm White



Operating Temp:

OC to 45 OC





The LED panel incorporate the last SMD (surface mounted devices) LED chips 4014. We can guarantee consistent and uniform light colour between different batches of panels. 

LED Panel Structure and Layers 





Technical Manual

LED Panel Light Installation Guide

Wiring & Installation Procedure for Ceiling Panels


LED Panel 40w 600x600mm

LED Panel 40w Bi Colour

LED Panel 40W Dual Light Colour 595x595mm.



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