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LED Solar Wall Light - Tucano

Ref: Tucano-SWL-05S


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Tucano LED Solar Powered, Lithium Battery, Motion Sensor, Dimmable,

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Tucano Solar Power LED Wall Light 1Watt with PIR Sensor

Product Description

Lighting up your home and garden, the Tucano Solar Powered LED Light is a revolutionary new way to illuminate multiple areas of your home with ease and safety. The Tunano's ease lies in its sleek, simple design and a user-friendly installation process that will have you up and running in minutes -- all without the hassle of connecting wiring or the danger of having loose wiring on the ground.

Tucano's natural daylight colouring temperature makes it the perfect addition to pathways, driveways, yards, aisles, porches, and patios, with a glowing ambience that enhances. This includes variations on dim to full light Tucano Solar Power LED Wall Light 1Watt with PIR Sensor & Adjustable Settings

The patented design of our solar led light has unique features that won't be found in other ordinary solar light with PIR sensor.

The Tucano is equipped with smart functions that offer the users with more light output for more nights. When the motion sensor detects movement the light output will be set to 200 lumens (this is the maximum level).

  • Unique patent arm design with a wide light beam angle
  • Double lens with magnifying glass enhances the brightness.
  • Up to 6 nights autonomy

Technical Features

  • Solar panel 0.6Watt
  • Lithium battery 3.7V, 1000mAh
  • Operating mode: Dimmable light + PIR sensor.
  • Solar charging time 7-8 hours
  • Mounting height: 2-3 meters
  • IP Rated 65
  • Material Aluminium alloy.
  • Lumen output 200lm, natural white



Light the entrance to your home or garden. Also widely used for illumination in pathway, driveway, yard, aisle, porch, patio, this is why we call our range of products: Light Anywhere (L.A). You can now light up any corner of our property outdoors without expensive installation procedures that require cabling. 





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