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LED Solar Wall Light Beetle 4Watt Garden, Yard, Aisle

Ref: LED-B4W


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Beetle LED Solar Powered, Lithium Battery, Motion Sensor, Dimmable, Ultra Bright Osram Chip.

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Beetle Solar Power LED Wall Light 4Watt with PIR Sensor

Product Description

Lighting up a path to your home and garden, the BEETLE Solar Powered LED Light is a revolutionary new way to illuminate multiple areas of your home with ease and safety. The BEETLE's ease lies in its sleek, simple design and a user-friendly installation process that will have you up and running in minutes -- all without the hassle of connecting wiring or the danger of having loose wiring on the ground.

The BEETLE Solar Powered LED Light is highly functional, operable in all kinds of weather conditions and offers homeowners and industrial users "smart" functions that are designed to deliver more light output for prolonged periods of time. 

Its dawn-to-dusk function is sustained by the BEETLE's OSRAM LED Chips and lithium 18650 battery cells with a 5Ah capacity 3.7V. Its rapid-fire charge-time of 4-5 hours is all thanks to the built-in reflector and 1 Watt mono-crystalline solar panel, which magnifies the light and charges the powerful and efficient lithium batteries faster during daylight.

The BEETLE's natural daylight colouring temperature makes it the perfect addition to pathways, driveways, yards, aisles, porches, and patios, with a glowing ambience that enhances. Users will also benefit from its blue light indicator, designed to give an estimate on run-time and the multi-functional red button, designed to help program the light to various settings. This includes variations on dim to full light output, timers that control when the light comes on and levels of light produced. A truly one-size-fits-all LED light device, the "little" BEETLE packs some major juice. 

Ultra Bright - Long Life Lithium Battery - All Weather Conditions Ready

The patented design of our solar led light has unique features that wont be found in other ordinary solar light with PIR sensor. The Beetle is equipped with smart functions that offer the users with more light output for more nights. 

The multi-functional "red" button will program the light fitting to:

Red Indicator On : Dimmed output light at 40lm +PIR sensor for all night 

Orange Indicator On : Dimmed output light at 100lm  for the first 3 hours ( no sensor working this 3 hours ) + dimmed output 40lm +PIR sensor for the rest of the night

Green Indicator On: Full light output 400lm from dawn to dusk (all night)


Blue Light Indicator - Battery Gauge

The numbe of blue light bars indicate the level of autonomy. 

1 blue light = 2 nights
2 blue lights = 4 nights
3 blue lights = 6 nights  
4 blue lights = 8 nights

The solar power wall light has a high efficient mono-crystalline solar panel, thanks to the built-in reflector that acts as a light magnifier, the solar panels will charge the lithium battery faster when there is natural day light. 



L240 x W83 x H150mm
EAN Code: 0790404941428

Technical Features

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • OSRAM LED Chips
  • Natural day light colour temperature
  • Lithium 18650 battery cells, 5Ah capacity 3.7V
  • No wiring required
  • Maintenance free
  • Very easy and safe to install
  • Dawn to Dusk Function
  • 1Watt Solar Panels (competitor's light less than 0.5Watt)
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Battery replaceable 
  • Ultra Fast Charging in 4-5 hours
  • 120 degrees detection angle

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