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eKomi rated

RGB+W 22Watt LED Strip Light 5m. 4.3W per Meter

Ref: 601017


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RGB + Warm White 4 in 1 Strip with Remote Controller, LED Driver and Accessories.

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RGB + Warm White 24V. Flexible Decorative LED Strip Light

Strips are the pinnacle of LED lighting, they are affordable, trully flexible and easy to install. LED Strips are suitable for decorative splashes or as general and accent light in offices and homes.

This LED strip mixes RGB (red, green, blue and warm white) but seperate control of each colour temperature is achieved with the remote control panel which is included in our offer.

We have added in the box all the accessories and connectors for a plug'n'play job. The strong 3M self-adhesive tape at the back make the installation easy. 

The 4 in 1 LED ribbon is made of high conductivity copper , the 300 LED chips are assembled with most reliable soldering process on 3oZ quality PCB. The ingression protection is IP20, suitable for indoor use only.

Using the designated cutting areas, the strip can be cut every 8 LEDs. A pair of sharp scissor is required to cut on the marked line. If you do not follow the line the electrical conductivity will be lost.

Wiring and Pin Function Wire

1 - White - / Amber - White
2 - Blue - Blue
3 - Red - Red
4 - Green - Green
5 - 24V Black

Power Supply Requirements

According to the meters that you will use and the layout of the installation you will require the following powe supplies

36Watt Power Supply for the whole strip 5m

24Watt Power Supply for less than 4m

Notice : It is very important to have a clean, smooth surface for the adhesive bonding to work

Ultra Efficient and Bright

  • Resistant to any bending radius
  • Bright LEDs with pure gold wire (99.99%)
  • Pure copper double layer with white paint finish. 
  • 5 Year warranty offered as standard

The benefits of 24V System

The higher the DC voltage the lower the current (amps) that entails less power losses and more efficient system. The 12V LED tapes require double amount of amperage, the voltage drop influences the performane of the lighting system. 

The 24V in perfectly tuned to run long single piece of LED strip up to 30 meters with as single power supply. 

Accurate Rendering 

A quality light source should accurately render all the frequencies of the colour spectrum when it is compared to the perfect light of the same colour temperature. The picture below is selft explanatory. Our lights show realistically and naturally object colours.


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