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eKomi rated

T5 LED Tube 150cm 18W Direct Replacement - VERO

Ref: T5-15018-DR110


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Direct replacement, compatible with high frequency ballasts Philips/Osram/Tridonic

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VERO LED T5 tube light - Direct Replacement 150cm 18.5Watt

Product Description (T5 Tube G5 Cap)

When your interiors could use a bit of illumination, opt for the power of the VERO T5 Tube Light. Designed by the leaders in lighting solutions, Ledison Lighting broke the mold with the VERO T5 Tube Light. This innovative fixture is the first direct replacement of its kind, compatible with the majority of electronic ballasts such as Tridonic, Philips, Sylvania and High-Frequency Ballasts (HO/HE, HF). At Ledison Lighting, we're always looking for new ways to provide continuous power as well as continuous savings on your energy bills and the VERO T5 Tube Light delivers. While old CFLs consume 56w, the VERO is built to consume only 20w, slashing your consumption up to 70% when compared to traditional lighting options. 

Your ease and comfort are front and centre with the VERO T5 Tube Light, which is made of 100% electrically isolated material. Its  design eliminates the need to re-wire the filling when replacing. Simply remove the old CFL fluorescent tube and swap it out for the new VERO LED T5. Ease of installation was not the only thing on our minds with the VERO — your safety comes first for the makers at Ledison Lighting. Every VERO T5 Tube Light replacement meets regulations to be installed without calling on a certified electrician. 

When looking for lighting options for your home or office, choose from two high-functioning models: The first, spanning 120 cm and the second, measuring 150 cm, both with an ultra-bright, luminous efficacy of 150lm/watt. With its robust life expectancy of 60,000 hours, coupled with our golden 5-year warranty, the VERO T5 is not only lighting the path to your energy savings, it's blazing the trail for innovative lighting solutions. 

Product EAN Codes 


SKU POWER  Colour Temp. Lumen Replaces Size (mm) pin-pin Volts Beam Angle Life Time EAN Code
110940 18.5W 3000K 2400 54W 1463 90-240V 220 60000h 0790404940308
110942 18.5W 4000K 2600 54W 1463 90-240V 60000h 0790404940315
110946 18.5W 5500K 2800 54W 1463 90-240V 60000h 0790404940322


T5 -G5 Cap



Wattage (rated):

18.5 Watt

Color Rendering index:




Typical efficiency:


Line frequency:


Beam Angle:


Average lifetime:

50,000 hours

Net Weight per piece


Color Temperature: 




Warm White:


Length (pin to pin)


Natural white:




Cooll white:



5 years

Operating Temp:

-20 OC to 50 OC


ROHS Compliant, CE, UL

Number of LED Chips: 180


Technical Manual

LED T5 VERO Tube - Electronic Ballast Compatibility List

LED VERO T5 Tube Light User's manual 100918T5AR1


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