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Varilight. 2X Gang. 2 x 10-300W. Brushed Steel. JSDP602

Ref: JSDP602


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V-Pro Series 2-Gang 2-Way LED Dimmer 2 x 10-300W (Up to 30 LEDs)

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Varilight. 2X Gang. 2 x 10-300W. Brushed Steel. JSDP602


V-Pro is a programmable and intelligent range of dimmers with dimming modes and the widest compatibility in the market. For a given LED load Varilight dimmers have the best performance. They have a push on-off button and rotary dimming control. The minimum brightness of your LED light can be adjusted to match the luminosity in your room or office. This is very easiliy done following three steps. There is a detailed data sheet in the box.

The dimmer controls LED lighting loads with trailing-edge and leading-edge from 10W-300W (max. 30 LEDs).

V-Pro series is made for the vast majority of dimmable LEDs but it is also suitable for halogen and incandescent lights and dimmable transformers where no minium load is required.

2-way circuits

They are used in 2-way circuits, that means one lighting point is controlled from two different locations. To create a 2-way switching, the dimmer switch will be paired with a standard 2-way switch.

3-way circuit

For 3-way switching an intermediate switch must be installed into the circuit.

The range of Varilight Touch and Multipoint Touch is ideal 2 and 3-way circuit.

Varilight V-Pro dimmer is 2 way but needs to be used with a switch at the other location. It cannot be dimmed form 2 locations. We have launched the V-Pro Multipoint Touch system where the same light or set of lights can be dimmed from more than one location. 

Dimensions and Installation

  • Fits in a 25mm Deep Wall Box
  • Keep the switches metal surface clean using microfibre cloth

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