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eKomi rated

VISTON LED Panel 600x600mm. Recessed Light. 35 Watt.

Ref: PL6060-35W-A


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35Watt LED Panel Back-lit, Stylish New Design, Two Way Installation, Suspended or Recessed.

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The new Viston LED PANEL Light is our latest addition to our premium-range products. It is stylish, elegant, made with high-tech materials and can be used as recessed light or suspended (hang) from any ceiling (concrete, plasterboard, wood, cement). 
Less means actually more, our back lit panel consumes only 35W when ordinary LED panels require at least 40-45W to reach decent lux levels on the workplace. 

To generate enough luminosity and quality of lights it is not necessary to use more power. The innovative design of Viston with micro-louvres , magnify lenses on each LED Chips are some of our technological advances that contribute to make recessed ceiling light that really save energy and emits smooth light with extremely low glare. 
To meet with the new standard for office and professional lighting the UGR factor is well below 19. 

The housing is made from anodized aluminium , electrically insulated and mechanically enhanced for easy and safe installation. 


Main Features

  • LED panel light back lit with louver reflectors design.
  • luminous efficacy: 115 lm/w
  • Ideal replacement for traditional 3x24W HO T5 and 3x18W T8 fluorescent louver luminaries, and side lit LED panel light.
  • Installation: Suspended / Recessed.

Application Notes

  • IP40 for indoor use only
  • Professional electrician for installation only
  • Switch off before installatio
  • Do not touch when in use
  • Keep away from hot steam and corrosive gas

Application Areas

Office & school lighting: office, meeting room, class room etc. Commercial lighting: shopping mall, super market, retailer shops etc.Other situations: hospital, laboratory, dust-free workshop etc.

Using a cleverly designed metallic suspension kit (metallic rope) the 595x595mm can he hang from the ceiling using only two fixing points. 

For low ceiling up to 2.5meters the 30Watt version is ideal for office spaces and meeting rooms or it may also be used as general light. 

The two LED Stripes are mounted directly onto the aluminium plate for better heat transfer (hence longer life expectancy). The combination of louvres with advanced optic lenses contribute to a wide beam anlge with high intensity of light 

To give our valuable customers more functionality the Viston LED Panels are fully dimmable with outstanding performance and compatibility with LED Dimmer switches. Smooth, flicker free dimming from 0% to 100% allows you to create the right atmosphere in your space.


EAN Codes 

0610877898459 VISTON 600X600MM 35W NON DIMMABLE 4000K
0610877898466 VISTON 600X600MM 35W DIMMABLE 4000K
0610877898497 VISTON 600X600MM 35W NON DIMMABLE 3000K
0610877898503 VISTON 600X600MM 35W DIMMABLE 3000K



LED Panel



Wattage (rated):

35 Watt





Typical efficiency:


Line frequency:


Beam Angle:

90 deg.

Average lifetime:

50,000 hours

Net Weight

 3 kg

Color Temp.


Power Factor

0.90 @ 230Vac

Warm white:




Natural white:



See Options

Cool white:



5 years

Operating Temp:

-20 OC to 40 OC


ROHS Compliant, CE, UL



Technical Manual

VISTON LED Panel 35Watt Back-lit

Data Sheet & Technical Specification


Emergency Pack - LED Panels

Emergency Pack - LED Panels

Ledison Emergency pack with Ni-CD battery


Suspension Cables Installation

Suspension Cables Installation

Step by step guide on installing suspension cables for LED Panels


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