LED Microwave Sensor Tubes

T8 LED Tubes with built in microwave sensor

The Microwave T8 LED Tube is an innovative LED tube that provides a significantly lower operational cost compared to standard LED tubes, with savings reaching up to 90-95 per cent. The LED tube implements microwave sensor technology that’s more accurate at monitoring and detecting motion, powering the tube on when movement is discerned. The turn on period can be manually adjusted, causing the T8 LED tube to be automatically switched off or dim down by 10 to 20 percent. An integrated photocell offers even higher energy savings — the LED tube won’t be turned on if there is sufficient daylight. If desired, this feature can be deactivated.

Physical obstacles such as wood, plasterboard, and plastics will not have any impact on the sensitivity of the microwave technology. Compared to infrared (PIR) sensors, microwave detection is superior in terms of reliability and accuracy. The Microwave T8 LED Tube has fully adjustable settings that regulate the following:

  • detection range (up to 12 metres) ;
  • turn on / off time;
  • dimming level.

The VOLTACON T8 LED Tube with built-in microwave sensor is one of the smartest LED products in the market, offering a more lasting performance since it operates only when it’s needed. It’s the ideal solution for car parks, storage areas, corridors, and more.