T5 LED Under cabinet

LED Undercabinet
LED Light Fitting with mounting accesories and connection leads

The Ledison T5 LED under cabinet light fitting is an easy to fit lighting solution that gives the benefits of having extra light in kitchen areas, or in tight spaces such as wardrobes or desk areas. This light fitting is also the preferred for workbences where quality light at the right lux levels are paramount factors. 

The LED T5 tubes are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Compared to standard fluorescent tubes, they can save up to 70% in energy usage.

The unit comes with a complete kit which includes an internal power supply, lamp holder, extension cable and a frosted cover to give you uniform light. In addition, we included a Chocbox (a small box with power block) which allows you to install the mains cable of the LED T5 tube effortlessly and safely.

The T5 undercabinet LED lights are linkable as a result you can create long lighting rails with up to 20 fittings.