Task and Accent Lighting with LED Bulbs

Task And Accent Lighting With LED Bulbs

LED lights have many applications, and one of the most common is illuminating people’s homes in an efficient, more environment friendly way. At only 5—10 Watts, LED bulbs can be used in any room to replace compact fluorescent or the old incandescent light bulbs with an output of 40, 60, 75 or 80 Watts.

LED light bulbs are a great way of providing or complementing ambient lighting, for instance, when used in directional illumination applications. More importantly, LED bulbs can also be used as task lights with desk lamps and other bases, either flexible or fixed, depending on the activity that needs to be performed in the home, workshop, office, or restaurant. By eliminating the need of turning on bright lights to illuminate the whole kitchen rather than just parts of a countertop, for instance, task lighting helps you make your home even more energy efficient, and save more on your power bill.

Or, when you pair these bulbs up with flood lights or wall sconces, they can act as accent lights to highlight paintings and other important objects in your home that you consider worthy of your guests’ attention. LED accent lighting can easily enhance or create both a contemporary and a traditional atmosphere in any room. To exemplify, whether you are nostalgic for the old incandescent bulbs, or merely wish to create a more traditional décor in your living room, you should know that LED lights can even mimic the look of classic bulbs to enable you to achieve that retro feel even in the smallest of details.

The main difference between task and accent is that, while task lights improve functionality, accent lighting helps you transform your home into a truly beautiful place, one room at a time, and LED lights are great tools for achieving both types of illumination.

Specifications of LED bulbs

LED bulbs can light up any room in an instant, without flickering or taking time to warm up. These bulbs work with various fixture types, such as the large traditional E27, the E14 which is compatible with candle shaped lamps, or the B22 (bayonet). They are highly efficient as well, since there are LED bulbs that can last for 25 years without replacement. Moreover, LED lights consume up to 75% less energy than traditional bulbs, and can be dimmable to make them even more comfortable on the eye.


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