LED Downlights

The VOLTAFIT LED downlights are assembled with high lumen chip on board (CoB) from CITIZEN LED (Japan) with a beam angle of 120°. The efficacy of the luminaire is 111lm/watt giving the best possible lighting experience which is cost effective and environmentally friendly. The downlight comes in two powerful versions of 15w and 35w including the LED driver with 96% efficiency.

The downlight is connected safely directly to the mains voltage 220-240Vac (there is also 110-120Vac version for the American market)

There is no need for any maintenance and once installed it will save you up 80% in electricity cost. The impressive life span of 50,000 hours will eliminate the need to replace your bulbs for the next 15-17 year (average daily usage 8 hours). 


Round Diamond cut reflector

The engineering team of Voltacon was inspired by the shape of diamonds when they developed the new LED downlighters. The reflector has similar shape and contours with a round diamond. This shape boasts exceprional light reflection. The light engine is manufactured in Japan by the renowned company CITIZEL LED. The high power chips of board (CoB) achieved the highest levels of lumen in the world (145lumen/watt). The colour rendering index has improved from 70 to over 85 while retaining the luminous flux and luminious efficacy. 


The LED driver is not visible , we integrted the printed circuit board in the aluminium housing of the LED downlighter. The main advantages are better heating dissipation and easier installation. There is only a 3 core cable (live, neutral and earth) that is connected directly to the mains voltage (100-240VAC. 

Citizen Electronics COB LED Series Version 3 is UL compliant

CoB stands for Chip on Board this is an arrangement for high power lighting where LED dies are directly mounted on a copper or aluminium board.

You can find our range of LED Downlights below: