Non corrosive LED

The VOLTACON LED non-corrosive fittings are ideal for humid and outdoor applications such as parking areas, garages, production lines and basements. The moisture/vapour proof light fittings are well know for high efficiency, ruggedness and very long service life. This top-rated product comes with an integrated aluminium LED board, IP65 housing, metalic clips and necessary mounting accesories. As for all products within our LED lighting division the non-corrosive fitting has five year manufacturer guarantee. 

The complete range of VOLTAFIT non-corrosive fittings is assembled and tested in the UK. The LED fittings are customisable , that means a number of special functions can be added to meet your requirements. 

  • Standard version. That is connected directly to the mains
  • Microwave sensor with adjustable settings and photocell
  • Dimmable 1-10V or AC triac or automatic 2-level and 3 level corridor fuction
  • Emergency conversion pack with Ni-Cd battery (lithium battery available on request)